Pure Essential Oils Will Provide Many Benefits Not Found In Other Essential Oils

There are many  sources of oils from which Plants are the most important one. From Plants Essential oils are obtained by extracting it from its different parts which involves flowers seed, leaves, resin, bark, stem and roots as well as from the fruit or fruit rinds.

The quantity of oil extracted from plants is very little, so in order to extract only couple of hundred pounds of oil one has to use a great number of plants.

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Pure Essential Oils content are not imitable so one cannot get much mileage out of using cheap imitations. It is not only pure but also complete. They are of a great help to the human body. Not only they  provide our body with protection but also homes from virus, bacteria and parasites. These Essential Oils also help a lot in the working of the body’s immune system.

The extraction of Essential Oils is a difficult process, because the Oil that has been extracted should be of a higher quality and should be cogent. As one needs to have a higher quality of Oil it is very essential to harvest the plants on the right time and also be careful about parts that are being used.

While the extracting process, one should always be careful that there is no contamination in it, it should be of highest quality and have the maximum potency. In order to ensure that  the  properties of the Essential oil are properly intact steam distillation using low pressure as well as low temperatures is used in the extraction process.

The extracted Oil is subjected to test, to detect that the active properties in it are preserved. Since the chemicals can be used in the extraction process to enhance the quality and the quantity of Oil  at a lower cost. But the use of chemicals is not recommended. Because not only the chemicals that are used can be toxic when used by humans, but may also destroy the Essential oils “life giving properties”. Though you can use chemicals in the process of extraction for getting fast results, better quantity and low cost but it is recommended not to use chemicals as they can be toxic to humans and above all, it will destroy the life giving property of the essential oils.

Pure Essential Oils may not result in carrier oils becoming rancid as it is normally in the cases, in which the synthetic oils are used in deodorizers as well as candles. It is better to opt for Pure Oils because the others do not have the therapeutic value.

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