Best Lavender Essential Oil

Therapeutic usages of Essential Oils Lavender are simply great. This kind of essential oil is enriched with different kinds of medicinal properties as a result of which different health troubles or issues can be well treated.

Though many modernized medicines have been invented but nothing can be as good and beneficial as lavender oil. Lavender plant has got almost 39 species all across the globe and it has been scientifically proved that this plant has highest medicinal values.

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Primary Health Benefits From Lavender Oils

•    Skin irritations can now be easily cured by applying Essential Oils Lavender. This oil not only reduces irritation but also makes the skin smooth. But it should not be applied on broken skin. Different skin allergies can be effectively dealt by this oil as it has got anti-allergic components.


•    If you are getting troubled with acnes, then you do not have to take tension anymore as you can make application of this essential oil directly on the affected area for getting instant relief. Not only acne pains, inflammation and irritation are eliminated but the cane marks are also removed with ease. Both bacteria and skin oils are removed that are highly responsible for acne and pimple appearance.

•    Ringworm is quite an infectious skin trouble and it cannot be treated easily but the antiseptic properties of lavender oil are very much useful in curing the concerned skin trouble quickly and easily.

•    This oil can be treated as one of the best options for massaging. In fact, different aromatherapy can be easily conducted by means of this essential oil. You must have found this oil is getting used in varied massage parlour or spa for massaging purpose. Your muscles can get highest relaxation from this massaging and they can become completely tension-free.

•    Common cuts, brushes and other injuries can be well treated by lavender oil. You just need to apply the oil on the injury part and within a short time the injury will get completely healed up. Open injuries often develop infectious germs that are quite harmful and these germs are strongly prevented by this oil.

•    If your stress, depression or anxiety level has somehow increased to a great extent, then nothing can be the best treatment other than using lavender oil. Panic attacks can be easily prevented by the outstanding aroma of this oil. You will feel much relieved and refreshed by inhaling the exotic aroma of this oil.

•    Insect bites and burns can also be treated by this lavender oil. This is the reason people often use lavender oil for different minor injuries at home. This therapy is completely natural and you can get optimized benefits from the same and this is why it is the most preferable option for all.

•    If your lips are lacking in moisture especially during winter seasons, then you can apply this oil. The oil can efficiently help in retaining the lip moisture in the long run and thus you can get rid of chapped lips.

•    If you are facing any kind of serious dermatology troubles especially eczema, then this oil is the best solution. Eczema is very much infectious and cannot be treated by medicines and this is the reason lavender oil is chosen as the best natural solution that can eliminate the root causes of eczema.

•    People just love to use those deodorants that have got this essential oil. The aroma of this oil is really mind blowing and thus can make your mind more refreshing. The most interesting part is that the scent or aroma of your deodorant will stay longer with the addition of this aromatic oil.

•    Fungal and bacterial infections are very much dangerous and thus you are strongly recommended using lavender oil instead of steroid-based medicines. The infectious elements are completely thrown out as a result of which the infected areas get alleviated.

•    Nervous system can be improved along with the improvement of human concentration. Different mental disorders are also being removed as a result of which you can get a completely peaceful sleep at night.

•    Some other health benefits are relief from after-surgery pains, ear aches, menstrual cramps, respiratory infections, hair loss, motion sickness and others.

How To Prepare Essential Oils Lavender At Home?

If you are looking for the most versatile essential oil, then essential oils lavender is the best option as it can be used for serving multiple purposes. This oil has got strongest aroma in comparison to other essential oils that are available currently and this is the reason it is so much in demand.

Aroma is not only the sole feature of this oil rather it can be used for healing purposes. Though you can purchase ready-made lavender oils from online stores but if you wish you can also make these oils at home with the help of few simple steps.


Steps For Making Lavender Oils At Home

•    Basic preparation is needed for making Essential Oils Lavender at home. Crete a proper checklist of the items that need to be included for creating the oil and in accordance of this list you have to bring the necessary supplies.

•    Dry or fresh lavender with leaves and stems are to be collected from your garden area so that the oil can be easily extracted from the same.

•    Both stems and flowers need to be completely dried; otherwise they will not be used in making the oil. You can store them in hot and damp place so that the drying process can be accelerated.

•    Pestle and mortar can be used for making the flowers crushed but the crushing should be conducted in a gentle manner otherwise you will not be able to get the real extracts.

•    After the creation of the oil, it needs to be poured within a glass jar and the jar needs to be stored within any sunny location so that the oil can become more concentrated.

•    You have to wait for at least six weeks and then only the aroma will become the strongest. Both oil and scent will be released easily from semi-crushed herb when it comes in direct contact with sunlight.

•    If you want to make the ingredients mixed-up in a proper manner then you have to shake the container well.

•    Mesh strainer or cheese cloth can be used in this regard so that the leaves and oils can be separated well.

•    After this filtration process, you have to pour the concentrated oil within any dark bottle so that you can efficiently store the same.

•    You can also create label for the lavender bottle by mentioning all the ingredients out there. Date of creation should be essentially mentioned within this label.

•    You can also choose another alternative method where you got to boil lavender leaves and stems for making the oil extraction. But this process can be quite hectic and thus takes a long time but the strongest scent can be created within this specific procedure.

•    You can store the oil as long as you wish but make sure you choose a dry place for storing the same.

•    For enhancing the essence, you can also make addition of different other essential oils having powerful scents.

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